Tucker & the Beard: AquaMan

January 19, 2019

Tucker and the Beard go down deep and stay down long as they consider the merits of AquaMan. 


Tucker & the Beard: Spiderverse

January 12, 2019

Tucker & the Beard talk Spiderverse, and bring in a couple of friends - their sons, Colin and Judah. 


Tucker & the Beard: Mortal Engines

December 22, 2018

It's the visuals, right? Tucker and the Beard talk about Mortal Engines, the latest Peter Jackson flick. 


Tucker & the Beard: Talk Christmas Movie Lists

December 15, 2018

Tucker & the Beard talk about their favorite Christmas movies. They don't necessarily agree, yet, sometimes they do agree. Gotta listen in to see if you agree. Or not. 


Tucker & the Beard: Creed 2

December 8, 2018

Tucker & the Beard talk boxing, Sylvester Stallone and Creed 2. 


Tucker & the Beard: Robin Hood

December 1, 2018

Tucker and the Beard review Robin Hood - yep, there's another remake of that traditional story.



Tucker & the Beard: Instant Family!

November 24, 2018

Tucker & the Beard sit down to watch 'Instant Family.' What really happens when a couple decides to foster three kids? 


Tucker & the Beard Pay Tribute to Stan Lee

November 17, 2018

Tucker and the Beard pay tribute to Stan Lee, who passed away this week.


Tucker & the Beard Gush Over Bohemian Rhapsody

November 10, 2018

Tucker and the Beard head out to the theater this week to see a movie they're really excited about: Bohemian Rhapsody! Listen to them as they explain why this movie is worth raving over. 


Tucker & the Beard Talk Scary Favorites

November 2, 2018

Tucker and the Beard sit down the night before Halloween to chat about their favorite scary movies.