Tucker & the Beard: Captain Marvel Movie Review

March 17, 2019

Tucker and the Beard review the movie Captain Marvel. It's the highest grossing film of 2019. But, do Tucker & the Beard think this is a movie worth spending your hard-earned money on?

Tucker & the Beard Continue MCU Exploration

March 11, 2019

Tucker & the Beard fearlessly go where no man should as they discuss the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Tucker & the Beard: Marvel Cinematic Universe Exploration

March 4, 2019

Tucker & the Beard take the time to explore the Marvel Cinematic Universe timeline.

Tucker & the Beard: Alita, Battle Angel

February 24, 2019

Tucker & the Beard go see Alita, Battle Angel for a review. This new action figure heroine is rather appealing to our fearless movie duo. 

Tucker & the Beard: Cold Pursuit

February 24, 2019

Tucker & the Beard step away from action hero movies to review an action thriller starring Liam Neeson. It got a decent review from Rotten Tomato critics. So, what will Tucker & the Beard say?

Tucker & the Beard: Netflix and Chill with BirdBox

February 10, 2019

Tucker & the Beard take a 'Netflix and Chill' break as they review the movie BirdBox. 

Tucker & the Beard: Glass

February 2, 2019

Tucker & the Beard review the movie, Glass.

Tucker & the Beard: The Upside

January 26, 2019

Tucker and the Beard review The Upside and talk about whether this is the Feel-Good story of the year?

Tucker & the Beard: AquaMan

January 19, 2019

Tucker and the Beard go down deep and stay down long as they consider the merits of AquaMan. 

Tucker & the Beard: Spiderverse

January 12, 2019

Tucker & the Beard talk Spiderverse, and bring in a couple of friends - their sons, Colin and Judah.